Our Mission

The Academy’s mission is dedicated to making a positive impact in the lives of all

our students through quality fitness, gymnastics, tumbling, dance acro, singing,

musical therapy, youth sports conditioning, youth fitness, & dance (ballet, hip hop,

jazz, tap, lyrical) instruction. At The Academy, we strive not only to enhance

student's physical abilities but also to raise their self-esteem. Our ultimate goal is to

provide a safe and enjoyable environment where one can develop a love for physical

activity, regardless of age, gender, or athletic ability.

Through proper instruction at The Academy, enrollees will demonstrate progress in

key developmental areas. The Academy's performing arts, gymnastics, and fitness

allow students to express themselves in a unique and individualized way. So much

of what our programs offer is exploration. Students are constantly challenged to try

new skills, to discover just how much they can accomplish through hard work and

creative thinking.




To enroll for classes, please consult with a staff member at the gymnastics academy about the class in which you are interested. Then, bring or mail to the gym a completed Registration and Medical Release Form and the appropriate registration fee (see below). Child Care available for Women Fitness classes. See Academy's Administrative Assistant for more information.


Your child is expected to attend his/her assigned class. If you miss class, make-ups are allowed, however, there is ONLY one make-up class per month and only during the month the class was missed. You must call the office to schedule which class to attend. It is important to notify the office if your child will not be able to continue in a class. We consider them enrolled until you notify us of any changes. We must bill your account, as many of our classes are filled and have waiting lists. Your child's spot in class is reserved until we are notified.

Weather and Holidays

We follow the Los Banos USD and Federal holidays and weather schedule. During summer months when temperatures exceed 110 degrees, evening only classes will be in session. If the weather improves during the day, please call our office at (209) 720-8795. The Academy is closed during the week of the Merced County Spring Fair (May Day) and the week between Christmas and New Years Day. NOTE: There is NO refund after the first (1 st ) class!