Tuition is due at the 1st of each month and considered late after the 3rd of each month. Failure to pay on time will result in a $35.00 late fee, for which you will be billed. Tuition is paid by the calendar month. You now have the convenience paying online at The Academy's website: www.theacademy10.com. Tuition is NOT prorated.  After the 25th, a full month is due & your due date will be the 1st of the 2nd month following.  

1 x week $35 or $40/Month (depending on the level)            5 x week $130/Month

2 x week $65/Month                                 6 x week $155/Month

3 x week $85/Month                                 7 x week $180/Month

4 x week $105/Month                               8 x week $205/Month

More than 8 class hours a week, please speak to the Business Manager. Elite Comp Team is $155/Month, A-Team is $115/Month & Jr Elite Team is $130/Month

Private lessons are available at a rate of $35/hr. Please speak with the Administrator Assistant to schedule private classes.

Mothers' Day Out: $25/day. Fitness tuition is $35/Month up to five (5) classes each week.

A $5.00 discount per month, per child is applied to the tuition for a second or third child.

Registration Fee

This fee is non-refundable and covers the costs of opening and maintaining your account for the year. For girls’ tumbling/

/gymnastics classes, you are encouraged to wear a leotard or Academy T-shirts and shorts to class, but are permitted to wear

dance attire. Gymnasts will be required to wear their leotard or Academy to special functions, such as community performances

e.g the Merced County Spring Fair, exhibitions, etc. Fee covers from when the student starts instruction until September 1 of

each year. Leotards and gymnastic attire are available for purchase at The Academy. Prices vary.

First child                                     girls' gymnastics $40              Muscle Blast class          $25

Each additional child                  girls' gymnastics $30              Senior Fitness 55+         No Fee

First child                                     all other classes $30               Queen Esther’s Dance   $40

Each additional child                  all other classes $20               Teen Boys Fitness           $40

Additional information

Read through our policies before enrolling